Deeds ‘Darker Motives’ BA Imperial Stout


“This beer was brewed specially to celebrate the launch of our Denver & Liely x Carwyn Cellars Beer Glass

Vanilla, bourbon and oak dominate the nose with a mild hint of banana’s foster in the background. Soft coconut gives way to a dessert like chocolate and cocoa amplifying an embodied sweetness. The back half lends to a balanced finish with a lovely smooth profile highlighted by that sweet, sweet bourbon.

Glassware: Snifter (unfortunately not the one they brewed this for)

Appearance: Pours as black as midnight with a finely beaded two finger head perched nicely on top. Good retention and wavy lace sticking to the glass as it subsides.

Aroma: Once again it appears that Deeds have nailed another impressive BBA Imperial Stout. Yes, the bourbon offers excellent uplift but we think it’s fair to say that this time around the robust and decadent Stout base has matched it. Huge wafts of molasses, licorice, charred malts, ash, espresso and oak over much sweeter and more subtle notes of spicy bourbon, vanilla/toasted coconut and treacle. Yum!

Flavour: Pow! Definitely a lot more aggressive and bitter than previous BBA releases. A fair bit of warmth upfront…emphasised by bittersweet dark chocolate and espresso coffee, ash, charred malts and oak. The bourbon gets a little lost in it all in our opinion, which is very unlike them. Nice warm finish with lots of coffee, chocolate and booze.

Mouthfeel: Slick, oily, warming. A little acrid at times though. Co2 is up a little, medium-full body. The 14.1% ABV is certainly detectable.

Overall: Not our favourite BBA Impy Stout from Deeds that’s for sure. It’s still a fairly respectable drop but.