Deschutes Brewery: Pub Reserve Series ‘Pilsner Pie’


17155209_659297030921112_8129967155433578261_n“Pilsner aged with key lime in pinot casks for 4 months.
Part of our small batch, Pub Reserve series. Available only at our pubs and tasting room.”

Served in a footed flute glass. Slightly hazy golden pour with elevated Co2 streaming up to maintain this surging four finger head. Excellent retention allows for a healthy lace trail as it ebbs.
Getting a really big impression of candied lime, vanilla, cream and tart citrus. Also picking up subtle hints of crushed nuts with that traditional cracker biscuit malt at the base. Really impressive how they’ve incorporated the aromas of key lime pie in to the pilsner characters, could be a little better balanced but the tart lime and vanilla make for a very pleasant and moreish aroma.
The mouth feel is crisp but also frothy with vibrant Co2 and a spiky acidity across the tongue. The 5.8% ABV is well hidden behind the direct lime tartness.
Good continuation on to the palate with the tart and slightly sugary lime aspect. It’s actually well countered by the creamy vanilla that works in and takes some of the acidic edge off. Not getting a lot in the way of traditional pilsner flavours as the dominant lime notes carry in to the clean and citrusy finish.
Look, by no means is it a bad beer, the novelty factor is brilliant and they’ve executed that element well but it’s very one-dimensional and the lime flavour does become a little overwhelming by the end. Definitely one to share and the 750ml bottle supports that. Not bad but not great either.