Deschutes Brewing ‘Black Butte XXVIII’ Birthday Reserve


imageCocoa, vanilla, pleated malt, sweet orange peel..50% barrel aged in Bourbon and Scotch. The result is our 28th anniversary imperial porter.

Poured into a pint glass we see mat black with a 10mm tan head which retains well. There is minimal carbonation seen. Quite oily on the pour. No lacing seen here either due to the oily nature. Aroma is heaven. Rich barrel aged scotch/bourbon dominates with an interjection of chocolate sweetness, jaffa, smattering of vanilla essence, smoke from the peated malt, and minimal to moderate alcohol which is a lovely sign. First sip is everything we hoped for. So smooth on the palate. More whiskey bourbon, sweet chocolate that’s velvety, mild to mod orange at best, smoky peat malt. There is retrained bitterness here but we expected that given its a porter. Fullish body here and great length. There is a comforting booze warmth and we are impressed by the smoothness given its a toxic 11.6% Alc vol. There is a gentle booze tingle on the tongue. Did we say how balanced the flavours are? The oilyness of the body just glides down the gullet and the peat malt blends effortlessly with the barrel aging of scotch and bourbon. No lacing at all to be seen other than little blobs here and there. As this brew warms there is just a divine balance of smoke/peat, sweetness from chocolate, spice from vanilla which adds to the chocolate, and tart bitterness that hits with a good swig around the mouth. This porter is unbelievably good. We could drink it all night but we would be horrendously smashed. The alcohol is so contained..we love impressive brewing. All the flavours are there. Overall this is top shelf. We can’t fault it. Buy immediately.