Dieu di Ciel ‘Èquinoxe du Printemps’ Scotch ale


image“The spring equinox was born of a natural marriage between two great traditions: the brewing of beer in Scotland and the production of maple syrup in Quebec. The mouth is first invaded by woody and malty flavors, sustained by a discreet touch of sweetness. Then, an alcohol breath warm coats the mouth and highlights maple flavors that are present just enough to be enjoyed without ever dominating the likes of caramel characteristics Scotch Ale”.

As we’ve said before this brewery is in our list of top 10 best breweries in the world. And as always, impressive artwork. Served in a tulip glass the mahogany brown pour produces little head with minimal lacing to show for it. Aroma is quite complex with strong scents of roasted malt, maple syrup, alcohol, toffee, brown sugar and some smoky elements. Somewhat peated and earthy too with undertones of dark fruits, esters, herbs and cola. Very unique. Mildly carbonated with a slightly chewy mouth feel. Strong taste of alcohol on the tongue initially, mellowing off on to a syrupy fusion of toasted malts, dark fruits and spice through mid-palate. Strong, roasted finish leaves the palate begging for more. 9.1% ABV is well presented but necessary for this type of ale. And to be honest, we love it. Again, as expected Dieu di Ciel have come through on a complex and full bodied beer. Big ups to the French Candians!