Dieu du Ciel! ‘Pènombre’ Black IPA


image“Created by Greg Noonan, the Black IPA style is an interpretation of an India Pale Ale with a bit of Porter added to the mix. The use of roasted malts sets it apart from its illustrious ancestor, resulting in a dark-tinted ale. It presents the sharp, dominant bitterness of an IPA complemented by bold, roasted tones”.

As we have said many times before, this brewery from the French quarters of Canada are easily sitting in our top 10 best breweries in the world. Served in an IPA glass this Black IPA displays a deep opaque black with a two finger tan head that retains and releases a tonne of lace down the glass. Plenty of sediment so be careful with the pour. Aroma is coffee driven, hops take the back seat in this case. Some subtle floral notes too. Dark chocolate, roasted crystal malts and pine make up the rest of this slightly complex nose. Mouth feel is oily with medium carbonation and medium bitterness. Again, coffee and chocolate come up strong on the palate initially. A mild assertive bitterness opens up in the mid and delivers a well balanced and roasted, bitter finish. Good length, but slightly thin. Roasted malts, bitter hops and pine linger nicely. 6.5% ABV is present but never overpowers. Good Black IPA.