Dieu du Ciel ‘Aphrodisiaque’ Stout


imageThis stout is brewed with cocoa and vanilla. We can’t read French as this brew is French Canadian (Quebec), so all we know is that there are dark chocolate, bourbon and roasted malt flavours.

Poured into a shaker glass, we see mat black with tiny sizzling carbonation up the sides of the glass. Big 10-20mm tan head which slowly fizzles down to lacing around the rim. Rich chocolate and roast malt eminate from the glass. First sip is bitter dark chocolate, roast malts, definitely can get that bourbon flavour, vanilla, and vegemite/barley malt. The cocoa and the vanilla combine very nicely. There is a sweetness to the cocoa but also smooth bitterness that is balanced really well. All of this washed over the palate so smoothly with no booze burn at all. 6.5% Alc vol allows this stout to showcase all of the roasted malts. Body is medium with light carbonation in the mouth. More caramel sweetness, nuttiness, and mild molasses on the back palate. The highlight here has to be the marriage between vanilla and cocoa. It’s perfectly balanced. So many vanilla stouts lose the flavour. Not this one. There is a reason it’s 100/100 on rate beer.com. This is in our top 5 stouts ever tasted. So damn tasty and we are gutted it’s over. Well done Dieu du Ciel.