Dollar Bill 2020 ‘Winter Parlay’ BA Wheatwine


“Dark fruits, plums, layers of berries and almonds finishing dry and spicy. Flaked spelt and oats fill out this Wild Fermented Wheat Wine blended with sour ale and Mourverde pressed whole bunches.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Pours like dark Ribena! But with a creamy light purple head. Retention is ok…some patchy lace here and there. Looks intriguing!

Aroma: Trust DB to come out with something incredibly unconventional. Initially it’s all berries and tart dark fruits with subtle touches of raw nuts i.e almond, cashew and pistachio. Definitely picking up a vinous character…soft tannins and lees then looping back around to berries again. Cinnamon, yoghurt and complex oak also fused through.

Flavour: Not like any Wheatwine we’ve ever tried before. It kicks off with a discernible lacto sourness which quickly turns to wine. And we mean wine…it actually tastes like a good medium bodied red with its tannic qualities, spice, earthy-ness and almost salty/olive-like notes. This just goes on and on…and on!

Mouthfeel: Nice and sharp. Some acidity to it but the pucker rating still sits at a decent 3/5. Light spritzy Co2. The big one is the 9.3% ABV, ridiculously well hidden.

Overall: These guys continue to impress us. The edgy-ness and outright complexity of this beer demands respect. Kudos DB!