Dollar Bill Brewing 2019 ‘Winter Parlay’ Australian Sour


72651303_1199726660211477_8828860036378787840_n“Australian wild fermented botanical sour ale: 6mnth old barrel fermented wild ale rested on lindenflower, elderflower and chamomile, cypress and damiana extracts. Dry sour and botanical with intense aromatics. Suggested track: Anderson Paak – Come Down.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Bright gold with a mild haze. It forms a fizzy two finger head which quickly disappears. Minimal lace as we go.

Aroma: Quite floral with the chamomile coming out in front. Picking up lemon citrus, green tea, cracked pepper, nutmeg, weed, freshly cut wood and pot pourri as well. There’s so much going on that we’re most likely missing a lot of the scents but we simply can’t put our finger on them. It’s very Botanical we’ll say that much.

Flavour: Similar traits to champagne at times – lots of lemon citrus, pear, spiced apple and woody oak but with ten times more complex florals and spice. There’s a nice and subtle tartness to it along with a kind of sweaty and musty barnyard funk. Somewhat grainy with more mixed spice and florals in the finish.

Mouthfeel: Again quite similar to a champagne with it’s super spritzy CO2. Light on with gentle acidity. Only 4.6% ABV.

Overall: Tell ya what it’d be a lovely summer session sour…it’s bizarre that they’ve released this in winter. It’s half champagne half saison character would be perfect as a hot arvo quencher. Anywho, not our favourite parlay release but it ain’t bad.