Dollar Bill ‘Summer Parlay 2020’ BA Australian Wild Ale


90441839_1338231809694294_7004971765763932160_o“‘Summer Parlay 2020‘ is an Australian Wild Ale brewed by Dollar Bill. The ale is fermented with indigenous yeasts from Pinot Marc and blended with spontaneous fermented ale. It is then aged for 12 month in French Barriques before bottling.”

Glassware: Teku

Appearance: Hazy orange with an amber tone. Absolutely no head whatsoever. Somewhat flat-ish Co2.

Aroma: Quite a complex little number actually. Can’t pick up any stand out scents but there is plenty of tart citrus, Angostura bitters, floral botanicals, dry woody oak, peppery spice, orange peel and dried wheat. Smells more like a Saison if anything. Definitely has that farmyard funk going on. Some yeast esters as well. We were a bit unsure at first but we’ve come around.

Flavour: Real tangy. Unripened mandarin, tart marmalade, stonefruits and sour apple to the fore. Peppery spice and Angostura bitters really moulding that Saison shape again as it dries out bringing in the oak barriques, orange peel and dried wheat grains. Nice rounded finish with citrus fruits and subtle farmyard funk on a length.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, light on and effervescent. Light-moderate body. The 7.4% ABV is seriously well hidden.

Overall: Very interesting. It’s somewhere between a wild ale and a Saison but it’s been well executed so it drinks super easily. Not overly sour either but it’s certainly funk-tastic. Another solid drop from DB!