Dr. Hops ‘world’ pale ale


image“Ladies and Gents… We present to you the first official brew from the mysterious impressario…Dr Wiley Hops. Born the love child of Daddy Longlegs the infamous high stilt walker and his ravishing gypsy wives, his formative years were spent travelling the globe amongst his family of side show freaks and outcasts. With a penchant for home brew and a taste for adventure, the young alchemist developed an artful hand at brewing what became the most gloriously effervescent tonics behind the big tent. A ringmaster,a chemist, a natural born hucksterer, Dr Wiley Hops aims to tantalise your taste buds with his refreshing elixirs. This recipe is imbued with his charisma, charm and personality, we hope you enjoy this truly ambrosial World Pale Pale.”

A good start for this near new brewery, also we’d have to give credit for the really unique label. Served in a shaker glass the deep gold pour is showing off very subtle amber hues. The 1 inch white cap holds but eventually settles to a thin covering on top. Decent head retention and lacing. Gorgeous resinous-hop forward aroma. Backing up are hints of tropical fruits, citrus and pine that are offset by a generous caramel malt backing. Slightly creamy in the mouth with medium carbonation. Good body with an assertive hop bitterness up front which mellows out through the mid-palate. There is a lovely piney hop bitterness and a hint of grapefruit on the back end that pairs well with the slightly above average ABV (5.8%) to compliment a well rounded palate. Good duration on the tongue. For a young brewery to brew beers of this quality so early we are very interested to try the rest of their range. Nice drop lads keep it up.