East Ninth brewing co. ‘Doss blockos’ pale lager


imageQuite a strange little brewery from Victoria, Australia. in a sense that this lager is the only beer they brew (although if you wanted to get technical they also brew a ginger beer).

Anyhow, we served this in a shaker glass. From the pour we see a transparent amber appearance which props up a white one finger head. Decent head retention, eventually settling to a thin dusting on top. Mild lace. Interesting initial aroma, we’re detecting freshly squeezed apple juice, pot pourri and wet cardboard. Slightly salty. Very grainy with quite a heavy cloying sweetness and a solid pale malt backdrop. Where are the Cascade hops?? We’re a bit unsure of this aroma, it seems a little tangled as some of the fragrances don’t gel. The mouth feel is light and slightly frothy. Moderate carbonation and mild body. Well, it can definitely be said the flavour is an improvement on the aroma. The cloying sweetness is substituted with a smooth malt sweetness upfront. A hint of spicy hops adds some balance through the mid while the biscuity finish masks a muted floral rear palate. Essentially, rounding off quite a messy lager. 4.6% ABV. Sessional in flavour, as any lager should be but for us the aroma was a big let down. Probably won’t return for another.