Ekim Brewing ‘Odin’ Double IPA


“A beer for the gods! Odin would give his left eye for a drop like this. Deep in juicy flavours of passionfruit and citrus, our double IPA has been double dry hopped with Citra, Galaxy, Eclipse and Mosaic. Balancing out nicely to hide any sign of the 8.5% ABV it holds for a heavenly finish!”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Amber to orange pour with a very subtle haze. It forms a thumb of off white head which retains reasonably well. Healthy lacing as we imbibe.

Aroma: Jeez for 8.5% ABV it’s extremely well tempered. An alluring mix of butterscotch and caramel hit the olfactories at the same time as the sweet orange citrus, lychee, strawberry and subtle ruby grapefruit. Initially we had fears of a diacetyl infection but we feel the big sweet malt presence is deliberate. Picking up an undercurrent of boiled candy, pineapple, buttery biscuits and lime. Unusual but we’re liking it.

Flavour: Like the aroma it comes on with a fairly distinct malt sweetness which displays tonnes of butterscotch, caramel and toffee. It’s well balanced by a citrusy hop profile though. Getting all sorts of different flavoured rock candy such as pineapple, lime and strawberry. A pithy-ness tails in late as it finishes with a citric bitterness and a hint of artificial sweetness.

Mouthfeel: Sticky and gelatinous but really slick. Medium body, mild-moderate Co2. 8.5% ABV is very well concealed.

Overall: Look, even if it did have a bit of a diacetyl quality they still pulled off a decent beer. The whole artificially sweet side of it got a little tiresome by the end though. We reckon they need to pull that malt sweetness back a tad and it’d be a ripper of a beer.