Epic ‘Dankomatic’ IPA


image“Like walking the streets of San Fran in a fog. A flavour shockwave delivering awesome dankness for your pleasurable needs.” Ok then…

From the masters at Epic Brewing comes this new IPA sitting at 7.6% Alc vol. Poured into a schooner glass, we see an impressively clear light Amber body with decent carbonation. There is a 20mm white sudsy head that retains superbly leaving a rim around the glass like a cloud. Aroma is surprisingly subdued out of the glass but a good swirl and then you get that dank, earthy resinous pine with clean malt. There is a touch of fruit there, either passion fruit or pineapple with soft booze only. Mouthfeel is oily with mild to moderate carbonation. Body is surprisingly light as it tapers off on the back palate. Bitterness is contained here but certainly sticks to the palate until the next sip. Flavour profile is evolving now. We get spice on the palate like pepper, and maybe cumin. More resin like a bag of weed. Clean ale malt or caramel malt disguises the booze perfectly. I honestly can’t even taste the booze here despite this being decent Alc vol. No lacing down the glass here at all. Have to give points for smoothness. So clean and quaffable. We have had danker beers than this but we can’t really be negative at all because it goes down very easy. Nice drop.