Evil twin brewing ‘Lil B’ Imperial porter


image“Shall one compare thee to a fair beer,
Not even this perfect porter before thou will do thee justice.
Thou art more complex, brave and cunning.
Thou have changed more than a brew will ever.
Thou may be lil’, but thy mind is greater than words can speak and beer will ever taste.”

This is a very well respected American brewery from New York. With releases such as the Soft DK, even more Jesus, Molotov cocktail and the Freudian slip comes this imperial porter. Poured into a tulip glass. Wow, this is a mean looking beer. The appearance is a dense opaque black with a thin brown head that slowly peeled off to a collar. Some mild lacing is being omitted as we imbibe. As we expected, the aroma is rich and moreish with big, decadent wafts of dark chocolate, leather, molasses, tart red berries, booze and dates. Mildly carbonated with a rich, creamy mouth feel. Upfront is a light alcoholic astringency, paired up very nicely with hints of dark chocolate, dates and subtle coffee flavours. Roasted dark malts and a slight espresso bitterness is balanced by a soft sweetness from the mid to the back end. Gorgeous, long roasted finish with good length. We’re loving this. The 11.5% ABV is evident and adds to the complexity and brilliance of this porter. Excellent stuff here, fine brewing.