Feral brewing ‘Karma Citra’ Black IPA


image“We’ve taken an IPA and sexed it up. Introducing our India Black Ale. American Citra hops have been combined with dark malts to produce a smooth brew with chocolate and toffee undertones and a big tropical aroma. Rumour has it; it may be the love child of Barry White and Kamahl…that’s how f-ing sexy this beer is.”

It’s been a long time between drinks for us and this multiple award winning Aussie brewery. Feral hails from Perth, W.A, it came bursting on to the market in 2009 with a glut of awards for their world-class Hop Hog IPA and their Feral White. For us, a couple of mediocre beers followed but this black IPA almost has us wetting our pants. So let’s proceed. Served in an IPA glass. The jet black appearance allows next to no light to penetrate as a modest finger of lightly tanned head forms over the top. The head is retained well and releases random patterns of lacing down the walls of the glass. Bam!! Our presumptions are spot on as this dark, mysterious beauty offers generous wafts of grapefruit, floral pine notes, passion fruit, mango and lychee with roasted notes of tobacco, dark chocolate, toffee, mocha and Jaffa. The balance that has been struck here is excellent. The hoppy, citrusy fruits and the dark, roasted elements have been dissected right down the middle. Brilliant aroma. The feel in the mouth is dry and bitter, but nicely weighted. Not too heavy, allowing this BIPA to be put back with ease. Only 5.8% ABV so no real alcohol burn is experienced at all. Just this delicious blend of citric hops and roasted malts. A certain piney freshness kicks things off on the palate with citric bitterness from the grapefruit and lemon also forming upfront. A wave of dry, hop bitterness washes over the mid as the taste buds are left with a bit of a blank period, before the gorgeous roasted notes of coffee, chocolate and malt arrive late, signing off on this tasty brew. They’re back!! It’s been a while between superb brews but this black IPA has definitely re-kindled our respect for this brewery. Appearance is top shelf, the aroma is top shelf and the overall balance is perfect. Classy brew here guys, we loved it!