Firestone walker ‘DBA’ Double Barrel Ale


image“Our flagship brew highlights barrel-fermented batches from our patented Firestone Union blended with beer fermented in stainless steel.  It opens with a biscuity toasted malt aroma and a hint of oak and vanilla.  Pale malts create a smooth malty middle with ribbons of caramel, English toffee and toasted oak. A tribute to English pales traditionally fermented in cask”.

This is a double barrel ale or an ESB/pale ale as the brewers like to describe it. Pours a clear copper into an English pint glass with basically no head. Scents of toffee, caramel malt, subtle spice, toast with very little hops. Definitely not floral. There is a nicely balanced and smooth overall mouth feel. There is a biscuity malt flavour on the palate with a firm plummy sweetness that’s nicely balanced out by a spicy hop finish. There is an alc vol of 5.0% and it’s apt. Mild carbonation and mild body. There is Definite bitterness, likely from an English hop variety as it’s that typical English type of beer. Much to our surprise it’s a very sessionable drop this one, and we love the fact that an American brewery has nailed an English bitter/ale. Jeez, everything these guys touch turns to gold. Another sensational drop by these American master brewers.