Flying dog ‘under dog’ Atlantic lager


imageFlying dog – the purveyors of extremely bizarre labels and an even more bizarre story behind the name of the brewery. The website offers a story of George (the owner) and a dozen “innocents” as he calls them, and sets off on a mission to conquer the infamous “K2” mountain. Upon completion of the climb they hit a bar where there was an oil painting of a dog that seemed to be flying. Hence, Flying Dog. Weird…we know!!

Served in a shaker glass the appearance displays a translucent gold with a foamy, persistent 1 finger head. Laced well. Nice fruity aroma with hints of pine, herbs and a good balance between the citrus hops and biscuity malts, cereal and light florals. Really smooth mouth feel with low-medium carbonation. A nice subtle bitterness is evident on the tongue. First thing that springs to mind is it’s high drink ability. Super sessional. Upfront there’s a subtle hop bitterness that pairs up really well with hints of citrus and tea leaf. Some grainy/biscuity malts carry pine and tea leaf/grassy hops through the mid-palate and finishes crisp and highly refreshing. The 4.7% ABV is about on par for this highly palatable, yet simple and sessional lager. Pretty happy with this brew we’ll be looking forward to the next review from this brewery.