Fox Hat Brewing ‘Metric IPA’


imageSimple resinous pine notes and fruit aromas measuring up to your IPA expectations. Be prepared to cop a full on 80 IBU with 7% Alc vol.

Poured into a shaker glass we see a burnt orange that seem ubiquitous with most IPAs these days. Minimal carbonation seen through the haze. 10-15 mm head that doesn’t last long leaving just a few bubbles on top of the brew. Initial aromas are of grapefruit/citrus, pine, sweet malts, and some background resin. First sip is decent. It’s full bodied and drying on the palate. Bitterness certainly is strong. Just absorbs the saliva from the mouth. You really wouldn’t want too much more here. Certainly can taste the 7% Alc vol. Initial thoughts are that you couldn’t have many of these in a row. Midpalate now is firmly used to the bitterness and we get all that pine, grapefruit, resin, and sweet toffee malts. Almost herbal now. Some stone fruit involvement and mild spice also. There is a doughy bread yeast-thing happening. Slightly oily texture going on in the mouth. Carbonation is mild only. Lacing is like a wall of patchy little bubbles. We must admit as we near the end the bitterness is fine, the pine and citrus dominates, backed up by resin and a mild but ever present booze backbone giving a nice warming glow. This beer is actually enjoyable now. All the traits of a big west coast IPA which we get a boner for. This is our second Fox Hat brew and we liking the quality.