Full Moon Brew works ‘Chalawan’ Pale Ale


12321397_501712310012919_2469512129356389446_n“An exotic specialty wheat beer with a shimmering, cloudy pale hue. It’s unique aromatic scent comes from a never-before-seen blend of wheat, oatmeal and malt spiced up with tropical Thai tangerine peels and Chiangmai coriander seeds Smooth and light in body, with an irresistibly subtle spiced citrus flavor.”

Served in a shaker glass. The bright and bold honey amber hue is capped off by a fluffy two finger head that recedes to a thin overlay with scattered lace trails following it down. There’s a gorgeous caramel malty sweetness that counters a subtle smokiness on the nose. Laced through are fruity notes and light florals thanks to the combination of Cascade and Columbus hops. Undertones of mango, kiwifruit, honey and boiled lollies round out this lovely aroma. In the mouth it’s slick and super smooth with a lightly drying bitterness developing toward the back end. Medium body and Co2. A delicious fusion of fruity hops and honeyed/caramel malts play out on entry. An assertive bitterness is introduced midway as a dry finish engages lingering hints of grassy hops and bitter citrus on the rear palate. Finding a craft brewery in a country where it’s almost obsolete is one thing. Finding one that also has some damn fine brews in its range is just something else! If we had to compare it to another beer it would have to be Ekim’s After Battle Pale Ale. It’s clean, fruity, and super sessional with a strong malt backbone. Solid offering, it’s that good we had to leave with a 6 pack.