Future Mountain ‘Incantation’ Farmhouse Table Beer


“Incantation is back! And now in very shareable 750ml bottles! Brewed with pilsner malt, raw wheat and flaked triticale and fermented out completely dry with a mixed culture grown up from various sources in our lab. Pouring golden straw in colour with a gorgeous white head,¬†fresh lime, dandelions, and hay on the nose, a firm bitterness, dry with plenty of funk. INCANTATION. Designed to share!”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Wow it’s unbelievably light with a fair bit of cloudiness. It actually looks like a cloudy apple cider. Just with a lot more head…and decent lacing.

Aroma: Very delicate with a whisper of tart citrus, raw earthy grains, sulfates, brine/salty water and a really subtle peppery accent. We keep picking up this somewhat chemical note too, kinda like chlorine or gas. This is literally the first time we’ve ever said a beer smells like gas. Also getting a strong scent of either horseradish or freshly chopped turnip. Also a first. Weird, weird aroma. Can’t say if we dislike it or hate it yet.

Flavour: Tasting a bit more like a Farmhouse Ale now. Lots of dry and musty barnyard, earthy grains i.e straw, wheat and hay, soft citrus notes and lemon curd. Still tasting the mild chemical notes here and there which to be quite honest is a huge turnoff. It’s just super earthy, grainy, some rolled oats and water crackers messing about. Not much (positive) to say about the finish unfortunately.

Mouthfeel: Very light, crisp and crushable. Nice spritzy Co2, light body. 3.4% ABV.

Overall: Yeah this will be our first and last Table Beer. We’ll admit we know very little about them other than that they’re originally from France/Belgium and they’re best paired with food. There’s little wonder why the beer needs to be paired with food as any extra flavour will help. A lot!