Garage Project ‘Talk To The Hand’ Cold IPA

“New Zealand Sign Language – now you’ve got a beer in your hand there’s no better time to learn. Start with the alphabet. Check out some of the online resources and apps that can help build your vocabulary. You could even see if there are any classes near you. Who knows where it might lead? It can all start with this can of beer. Let your hands do the talking. Talk to the Hand 2021, a new wave ‘Cold IPA”, brewed with pilsner malt and maize and fermented with lager yeast, creating the perfect clean, dry malt base to accentuate a fruit forward explosion of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Strata hops.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Clear golden pour with a fluffy three finger head resting atop. It slowly recedes and leaves an absolute mess on the glass.

Aroma: This is such a fascinating new style. Although it’s nothing new, the humble old India Pale Lager has been rebranded and is enjoying its time in the limelight for once (under a different acronym, of course). Boasting huge fruit aromas – mostly citrus and unripened tropical fruits – but we’re also detecting hints of pine needle, fresh herbs, evergreen and nuanced resins over an uber clean and grainy Pilsner malt base. Tidy!

Flavour: Really crisp and clean fruit overtones upfront. Ripe yellow grapefruit and lemon/lime, unripened pineapple and green mango. We’re picking up what tastes like agave and it almost has a slight smokiness to it which is really unique. Pine, fresh herbs like coriander and parsley also getting amongst it. Grainy malt and pithy rind tailing in late and leading to a nice crisp finish.

Mouthfeel: Crisp (feels like we’ve used that word 1000 times), snappy but enough body to hold it up. Perfectly carbed, mild-medium body. 7.2% ABV is incredibly well concealed.

Overall: Another impressive interpretation of this new emerging style. Crisp, refreshing and a little bit fuller and more complex than others we’ve tried to date. Should expect no less from GP!