Grimbergen Dubbel


27072982_806287862888694_6395039682140943563_n“Grimbergen Double-Ambrée – dark-coloured ale with the bittersweet flavours of caramel and dried plums, made from double-fermented hops and malts.”

Glassware: Trappist tulip.

Appearance: Deep mahogany colour with a wispy head that peels back to a film. It laces extremely well considering the lack of retention.

Aroma: Dark, malty and yeasty with some bitter chocolate on the flank. Quite the hop profile cutting through – earthy and somewhat floral which is infrequent for Belgian dubbels….nice touch though. Getting that banana runt and clove as we begin to scratch the surface. Underpinned by notes of tobacco, white bread and fig. Very good.

Flavour: Super earthy. Tonnes of fig, tree bark and grains which embrace some of that spicy and slightly fruity Belgian yeast on entry. Picking up plums, brown sugar and raisin through the mid as it delivers a dry estery finish full of pear, apple pie and cocoa on the back end.

Mouth feel: Creamy texture and quite high in co2. Only 6.5% ABV so the booze certainly doesn’t dictate. Medium-full body. Very well structured.

Overall: An extremely well brewed dubbel. Although it lacks a lot of that typical sweetness it makes up for it in the form of this kind of raw and earthy character. It’s no Westmalle but it’s still a bloody decent offering.