Hargreaves Hill ‘Pursuit Of Hoppiness #1’ Triple Dry Hopped NEIPA


75278296_1227289524121857_5940560775394361344_o“The Pursuit of Hoppiness is an ongoing speciality series in which we explore the somewhat endless possibilities in the art of brewing with hops. Drinkers are given an exclusive look into the brewing process, with varieties, additions and time frame listed on the can label. Number 1 is a New England IPA. A Hazy, Triple Dry-Hopped Juice Bomb, hopped exclusively with Australian hops varieties for a local twist.”

Glassware: IPA

Appearance: Kind of a milky pastel yellow with a thumb of fizzy white foam atop. The head reduced quite quickly and leaves inconsistent patches of lace as it ebbs.

Aroma: Pretty interesting. We’re picking up a milkshake IPA sort of vibe from it…lots of lactose, strawberry, blueberry, passionfruit, florals, woody and yeasty i.e spice and bubblegum. Pineapple, stonefruit, melon and citrus opening up as it settles. A real fruit salad…but a damn fine fruit salad.

Flavour: Showing less of that milkshake IPA vibe and more traditional NEIPA qualities like pithy citrus (grapefruit, orange peel), mango, pineapple, stonefruit, melon, passionfruit, peppery spice, dank pine resins and mild lactose sweetness. Good drive in to the dry and slightly bitter finish. Length for days too!

Mouthfeel: Dry, powdery, medium-full body. CO2 is spot on. 6.5% ABV is well concealed.

Overall: It’s intriguing to see HH breaking the shackles of traditional brewing and jumping on the hazy train. We’re used to seeing old world styles like ESB, red ales and stouts from them so this is exciting. They should be excited too coz this is a pretty decent interpretation.