Hargreaves Hill ‘Pursuit Of Hoppiness #10’ Hazy Triple IPA


“The Pursuit of Hoppiness is an ongoing specialty series in which we explore the somewhat endless possibilities in the art of brewing with hops. Drinkers are given an exclusive look into the brewing process, with varieties, additions and time frame listed on the can label.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Turbid pastel orange with sandy yellow highlights. It forms a thumb of loosely packed head which comes apart slowly but surely. Lacing is thick and blotchy as we imbibe.

Aroma: Loving this old-school and alluring hop combination of Citra and Amarillo Cryo. The myrcene count in Citra is already high so once it’s been concentrated down into Cryo it’s even more oily, sappy and resinous. Lots of fresh citrus i.e grapefruit, orange, candied lemon and rind with equal parts Amarillo; mixed stonefruits like peach, melon and apricot. Also detecting shallots and pineapple. Nice and oaty malt bill with hints of wheat grains.

Flavour: Transitions nicely from the aroma. Getting a subtle pithy acidity, heady stonefruit notes and intermittent wheat grains. The oily and resinous Cryo doesn’t have as much cut through as it did on the nose but a distinct pine/spruce accent develops late and helps shape the sharp, fruity and green finish that has a bit of sting in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Pretty well tempered for 10% ABV. It has a bit of grip to it but it’s pretty smooth and creamy. Mild-moderate Co2. Medium body.

Overall: Every time we drink a hazy triple IPA we seem to (unfairly) compare it with the best Hazy Triple IPA we’ve ever had which was at Mikkeller San Diego. However, we must give credit where credit is due and this is a fairly decent crack.