Hawkers ’21 BBA Imperial Stout – Maple Edition


“Whoever says morning is too early for a beer clearly never tried a stout infused with Canada’s tastiest export. Time spent in bourbon barrels fuses the darkness of night with the flavours of breakfast.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Solid black with a tightly held three finger head. It takes an age to reduce and weaves a healthy lace down the sides of the glass.

Aroma: Wooowww that maple! That is literally eyes rolling in the back of the head sort of stuff. Absolutely loving how it then blends into the sweet and spicy Bourbon then eventually the damp woody oak, vanilla and burnt toffee and finally on to the base Stout of dark chocolate, coffee, licorice, subtle molasses and raw cacao. It literally follows that progression through each time we take it in. Incredible depth and complexity here.

Flavour: Until now we’ve been impressed with this mixed BBA series but this one is head and shoulders above the rest. The coffee edition comes close but this is next level. The Bourbon spikes initially then the maple quickly softens the blow. All that woody oak, vanilla, caramel/toffee then opens up on to the rich dark chocolate, molasses, licorice, coffee and charred malts. Finishes rather roasty and charred with a bit of sting in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Thick and viscous but there’s a slightly lifted Co2 and bitterness. Medium-full body. The 13.1% ABV is discernible but excusable considering its size.

Overall: We’ve definitely left the best til last! As we said before the coffee edition was a stunner but the fusion of maple in this expression is absolutely delicious! Safe to say that this would give Stockade’s ‘Mountie’ a run for its money. Brilliant.