Hawkers Beer West Coast IPA


26907715_802421946608619_1605172348396349614_n“Not for the faint hearted. A big hoppy bitter West Coast style IPA with huge floral, fruity, and piney aromas.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Slightly hazy golden orange complexion. It only manages a small fizzy head that reduced to a halo with some patchy lace work left behind.

Aroma: Really hitting that West Coast IPA trait with its big and clean pine and orange citrus notes. Tonnes of tropical fruit, stone fruit, light florals and pithy orange peel backing up. Dry and bready malt profile, not doing a whole lot to pull those big, punchy hops back…and that’s the way we like it!

Flavour: Zesty citrus, pine, hop oils and passion fruit on the fore. Stays clean as a whistle as it surges through the mid, picking up a hint of grapefruit as it delivers a crisp and tidy finish with plenty of lingering pine and zingy citrus sitting on the tongue.

Mouth feel: Sharp and snappy. Ultra clean with a somewhat oily texture. 75 IBU – contained brilliantly. Well masked 7.2% ABV with just the right amount of co2.

Overall: Hawkers do it again! It should come as no surprise though, the quality of their range clearly shows the head brewer knows his stuff. True-to-style West Coast IPA, she’s aromatic, punchy, bitter and assertive. Excellent offering.