Hawthorn brewing co. Australian IPA


imageThere are probably only a few breweries whose core range we have completely conquered. Hawthorn brewing co is another one we can now add to that list. Starting with the Pilsner, the pale ale, golden ale, amber ale and finally the IPA. We must admit we really admire these brewers putting Australian hops on the map by brewing this IPA with four unique Australian hops. It’s good to see and it’s lighting that patriotic fire in our bellies. Time to cool that fire down by opening this little bad boy.

We served this in to an IPA glass. Nice, deep cloudy amber pour that reveals some light orange edges. Capping it off is a modest head that swells to just over one fingers worth before recoiling and settling to a halo around the inner edge of the glass. Laced reasonably well though, omitting a mix of streaky lace with some random wavy lines here and there. Bursting out of the glass is this big waft of mixed tropical fruits. Pineapple comes through strongly while firm wafts of mango, passion fruit, orange, mandarin and grapefruit are an absolute delight to take in. We get a bit of malt  a hint of some breadiness creeps in. Maybe a touch of pine too but it’s all about these big tropical fruits on the nose. Very nice. In the mouth it’s moderately weighted with a silky smooth texture. The carbonation levels are medium and the bitterness sits at a pleasant 58 IBU, lending a loose grip on the tongue with mild dryness. Upfront we get a citric splash of grapefruit, orange and passion fruit which gradually forms a slight bready malt flavour through the mid. A delicious hint of tangy orange bridges on to the crisp, dry finish. The 5.8% ABV was quite well hidden actually. Look, it’s no American West coast IPA but it’s certainly got some real strong points. We love the aroma, packed full of tropical fruits with a touch of malt. Nice, light and super sessional with a slight head buzz like any good IPA should. Some people may bag on it because it isn’t aggressively hop charged but if we are to get Australian IPA’s on the map, then this is a great base to work off. Well done boys, easily your best beer.