Hawthorn Brewing Co. Golden Ale


image“Our carefully selected German malts, including Vienna and Caramel give the beer its sparkling golden appearance. Generously hopped, but mild on the bitterness, the use of three different hops from the USA, UK and Australia impart  a highly refreshing passionfruit and tropical fruit character. With modest bitterness and a light to moderate body, this refreshing ale is the perfect thirst quencher. Hawthorn Golden Ale is an all malt beer with no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Its easy drinking nature help suit this beer to a wide range of food types, including burgers and seafood; or equally enjoyable on its own. Best served chilled in a glass”.

Before we start we felt compelled to mention that this golden ale won gold this year at the international beer challenge in London. High hopes then. The pour is the expected golden colour with a nice bubble. There was a big head here that swells as we poured into a tulip glass. Quite foamy. Ending with a small tight head with a faint pattern of lace being drawn down the glass. Has an aroma of passion fruit and tropical fruit, so Simcoe hops must be the major hop used. From reading the label, Australian, USA and UK hops but no description. Quite a malty nose to it also. The bottle states 4 German malts used. Vienna and Caramel. Maybe pilsner malt too? We also get a bit of pine from another hop used. We get a bit of grapefruit, again passion fruit, mild stone fruit. Fairly mild mouth feel, medium carbonation. Sitting at 4.5% ABV, It’s virtually one standard drink so it’s an easy BBQ addition. Nothing fancy here, just good basic brewing. Not bad.