Hop dog beerworks ‘bingo wings’ summer wheat ale


image“A non-denominational, nondescript beer without borders. It’s primarily a wheat beer that once read a book about Belgium, and loves American TV sitcoms. Bingo Wings is a tribute to summer and the fads of buffing up and getting your bikini/mankini bod in shape. It’s also brewed with ale malt, wheat malt and oats, hopped generously with NZ Riwaka, and spiced on the end of the boil with orange peel and white & pink peppercorns!”

Just recently returning from a trip to the Hop Dog brewery which is situated a few kilometres south of Nowra on the south coast of NSW, we loaded up our growlers and squealers and saw this little beauty on our way out. We thought we’d have to give this a nudge. Served in a Weizen glass the slightly hazy straw golden pour produced a fizzy 1 and a half fingers of foam that slowly dissipated to a film on top. Reasonably laced. Off the nose we get hints of tropical fruits and soft bubblegum notes. Some subtle orange peel zestiness and a touch of peppery spice adds the lovely summery vibe to the aroma. The mouth feel is smooth with medium carbonation and medium body. Quite light on. The palate showcased soft tropical fruits, peppery spice, grassy/vinous hops and grain on entry. Through the mid and to the finish offers slightly dry and bitter notes with hints of wheat and oats on the back end. Decent length. 5% ABV is quite conservative but works well with all the flavours. Not a bad drop at all, definitely a crisp, refreshing summer beer. Nice drop.