Hop dog ‘horns up’ rye IPA


Hop hog horns up rye IPA“Rye IPA. An insane amount of US Citra hops give this IPA an aggressive aroma of citrus, grapefruit, resin, pine and mango. The aroma is mirrored in the flavour, with the malt playing the back seat driver, delivering you the hops. Long finish and big bitterness. Clean and hoppy. Great with curries, chilli, Thai and Cajun too.”

This beer is one of the brewery’s staples. We’ve tried it many times so we have honed our senses in on this one. Served in an IPA glass the clear golden amber pour boasts great clarity. The big, fizzy 3 finger white head doesn’t hang around long, reducing to a thick rim of foam around the edge of the glass leaving some patchy lacing. Along with this breweries’ trademark funky tartness the aroma is big on spicy malted rye and due to a brilliant mix of New Zealand and American hops, a gorgeous presence of pine resins, grapefruit and passion fruit are balanced by a lovely toasty biscuit malt. The mouth feel is somewhat oily with medium carbonation. IBU’s sit at a modest 70 while an almost full bodied palate opens up with big bitter hops and spicy rye. As that characteristic funky Belgian style sourness carries forward through the mid-palate, a bitter, citrusy finish is met with it. Lingering notes of pine and sour lemon make for a refreshing and lengthy back end. 5.8% ABV provides the right amount of kick. Top notch. Easily this breweries best beer.