Hop Nation Brewing Co ‘The Damned’ Pilsner


18342311_688519407998874_884474349464353137_n“The origins of the Pilsner date back to the mid-19th century in Bohemia – now emcompassing modern day Czech Republic – a part of the world also known for its gothic mythology. Perhaps those blood-thirsty vamps could have taken it easy with a little Pilsner to quench their thirst – less drama that way.”

Served in a footed flute. Slightly hazy golden body that’s capped off with a thumb of rocky white head. It holds its shape well and works a healthy lace as it ebbs.
The nose is nice and spicy with a good lick of citrus in support. Getting some light floral perfumes pushing through along with a very mild honey sweetness. Somewhat of a grainy malt backing that reveals a bit of earthiness in its delivery. Not bad at all, certainly a new world interpretation.
Quite highly carbonated which hands the texture a really fizzy effervescence. The body is light on with a fairly subdued bitterness. A super sessional number.
Getting a strange peppery hay flavour upfront. Similar notes of straw, grains and an adjunct bready malt pretty much drown out any discernible citrus character. Picking up some earthy hops late in the mid as it leads in to a dry and delicate finish which offers a slightly toasty character on the back.
Is it a reasonable drop? Yeah. Is it memorable? No, not really. The summer of 2016/17 saw quite a lot of pilsners hit the shelves and unfortunately this one falls victim to being a tad too run of the mill. Nice aroma, ok mouth feel but the flavour was a bit of a let down. Average.