Hunter beer co. ‘cessnock love biter’ bitter


imageWe first tried this in a tasting paddle and then went back for a pint. For us, not being the biggest fans of bitter’s to say this was not a bad beer is a decent shout out to the brewer. Traditionally an English brew, hence why we aren’t fond of it (just kidding we love our foreign cousins.) this beer produces a dirty/earthy aroma with a presence of bready malts, soft spicy notes and caramel. The mouth feel is medium weighted with a smooth texture. Moderately carbonated. Following on from the aroma, the palate also offers an earthy mix of bready malts and spicy hops with a refreshing and lingering hop bitterness to the back end. Very simple and without that cloying syrupy sweetness we sometimes get from ESB’s. The ABV (5.5%) gave it a nice kick adding a little extra layer to the body. To sum it up we were pretty pleased with this beer, because as we said we aren’t the biggest fans of this style but this was an exception. Nice offering.