Hunter beer co. ‘cranky pants’ IPA


imageOn tap in a tasting paddle at Potter’s hotel in the Hunter Valley. Translucent golden pour produces a thin filmy head that retained quite well. Reasonable amount of lacing. Soft, but lovely aroma consisting of bitter fruity hop resins, pine, lychee, spice and caramel. Medium carbonation, a decent bitterness on the tongue and a slightly dry mouth feel makes for a gorgeous start to the palate. Upfront is the big, punchy bitter hops we were hoping for. Accompanying them is a lovely fusion of pine and grapefruit. Again, resinous pine and some malt in the mid-palate is rounded off by a dry, hoppy finish. 7.2% ABV. Good balance of bitter hops and malt combine to offer a strong, yet sessional beer. Much better than it’s little brother (naughty pants IPA). This is more like it!