Hunter beer co. American-style pale ale


imageThis one we also had on tap at the brewery. Pouring a cloudy orange this pale ale was excellent. Lovely aroma of subtle grapefruit, citrus fruits, subtle spice, grassy hops and biscuity malts. All the aroma’s you want from a top notch pale ale. From the flavour we get citrus, toffee/caramel sweetness, pine, some grassy notes and nicely drawn out hop bitterness from the four American strains of hops that linger well on the back palate. We really enjoyed this drop. We thought the 5.2% ABV was bang on, it was slightly present but never overpowered. Really sessional, so much so that we smashed down a squealer (1 litre refillable) of it in the car on our way back to Sydney! Arguably their best beer. We definitely recommend.