Insel Braurei Baltic Dubbel


59392055_1080577912126353_8132901036063981568_nNO DESCRIPTION

Glassware: Trappist chalice.

Appearance: Pours a light brown with a wispy tanned overlay. Tight and fine bubbles which retain and work a healthy lace down the glass.

Aroma: Smells the goods. Layered with milk chocolate, hazelnut, plum, dates, yeasty spice and bubblegum. Once it warms we pick up hints of vanilla and coconut, toffee fudge and fairy floss. Every time we take a whiff there’s something new but we have to move on or it’ll become an essay!

Flavour: A lot less flamboyant than the aroma. Sort of takes more of a traditional approach with poignant yeasty spice and phenols, cocoa powder, dark fruits and rich burnt toffee. Doesn’t really shift far from this line with the aforementioned flavours carrying through to the extensive finish.

Mouthfeel: Nice and full. There’s a hint of co2 there with a promiscuous 8.5% AbV.

Overall: There’s a few firsts here. It’s our first crack at their range and it’s also our first crack at a German Dubbel. Furthermore it’s our first attempt at a “Baltic” Dubbel…although this could have more to do with the breweries geographical location. Being on an island surrounded by the Baltic sea and all!