Iron house American pale ale


image“A Bronze coloured American style pale ale. Packed flavour and generous hops have created a beer with a nutty malt flavour, crisp bitterness and a mammoth citrus aroma. Award winning – The IronHouse Pale Ale was presented with a Bronze Medal at the International Beer Awards 2008″

Not a bad drop from this little-known Tasmanian craft brewery. Served in a standard house glass the murky golden amber pour struggled to produce any head, almost instantly collapsing to a halo with no lacing shown. The aroma was quite subdued for an American pale ale. We were expecting a lot more fruity hops and bitter citrus, but all we could discover was a slightly malt-forward nose with nuts, a touch of honey, spice and some zesty orange. The mouth feel is soft and a little too watery with mild carbonation and body. Quite light on upfront but it is brought to life with a solid presence of spicy/resinous hops, subtle zesty orange peel and biscuit malt on the rear palate. Dry, bitter finish with short length. The 5.2% ABV does add some much needed extra zing but all in all its just a light sessional APA that lacks any real excitement. That’s about it.