Jervis Bay ’15 Fathoms’ Black IPA


“Inspired by the deepest darkest depths of Jervis Bay, our 15 Fathoms Black IPA may be dark to the eye, but never the tastebuds. For the darkest part of the sea is often where the treasure lies. Surprisingly drinkable with a dry finish, the 15 Fathoms is our most bitter brew with a hint of citrus and mango. A refreshing bounty waiting to be discovered.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Solid black with some cola hues at the foot of the glass. It notches up a frothy tan which slowly deconstructs. Laced reasonably well as we go.

Aroma: The bones of it are good. We’re taking in the hearty roasted malts and the piney and citrusy hops which counteract nicely but it just seems to be lacking vigour. We want black IPA’s to act like Stouts with a 50/50 mix of West Coast IPA…charred malts and aggressive hops. With this we’re getting a little bit of that but it’s just too quiet and shy.

Flavour: A little bit better but it’s still too pedestrian in our opinion. The mildly roasted malts and somewhat clean piney hops are here but they’re lacking that oomph we come to expect from the style. Instead of counteracting each other it seems to be getting a little muddled. But the upside is it finishes with a nice bitey bitterness and a gentle roast which endures well enough.

Mouthfeel: It’s held up pretty well by a slightly chewy texture. Good Co2 and a medium body. The 6% ABV adds a bit of much needed attitude too.

Overall: As much as we love what these guys are doing this one didn’t do it for us. As we’ve mentioned a few times it’s just a tad too weak and insipid and that’s the opposite of what black IPA’s are about.