Kaiju! Beer ‘Kaiju Krush’ American Pale Ale


17457805_668723676645114_8697558808178430607_n“A super-clean malt profile allows the shipload of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered. And it comes in a can, so after you Krush it, you can Krush it. After generations of KAIJU! interacting with the local flora, a new species arose. The FRUJUS found the balmy weather and laid-back pace in tropical climes to their liking, settling many remote islands, but always on guard for those who would seek to exploit their mouth-watering juiciness and impeccable balance.”

375ml can in to a shaker glass. Slightly hazy amber appearance with a gushing three finger head forming on top. Gradual reduction, holding together extremely well with a smattering of lace clinging to the glass.
We know this sounds cliche but the aroma is so Kaiju! The aroma pops with a big tropical hop fruitiness, a solid piney presence and a healthy biscuit malt back bone. A nice touch of citrus fruits too – grapefruit, subtle orange peel and mandarin adds to the overall Sumer feel to the beer. Similar to their big IPA’s just without the intensity.
Pretty well weighted feel for 4.7% ABV. Mild-medium body, moderate Co2. The 30 IBU only really showing in the swallow, albeit discreetly. Does its job in the mouth.
Taste follows the nose, opening with a nicely balanced hop to malt ratio. Tropical fruits hit the fore with juicy pineapple, passion fruit and melon with a suggestion of resiny pine and a biscuit malt at the base. Getting a citric hop bitterness developing late as the flavour kind of tapers off in to a relatively short finish.
They’ve done quite well here. Considering this is the first time they’ve ever brewed a beer under 6% they have certainly held on to all the traits of their big brothers. The only difference being you could have one or two and still be able to drive! Not bad.