Kaiju beer ‘Metamorphosis’ IPA


image“Citrussy and floral. Quite a hefty IPA, perfectly balanced by refreshing hop bitterness.”

We recently tried a few beers from this breweries range at the sip & savour and we were very impressed with the quality. Pretty sure this IPA was one of the beers we tried. Served in an IPA glass the deep amber/copper pour produced a huge, pillowy 3 finger head that slowly settled to a 1/2 inch cap on top. Excellent retention, weaving a thick, blotchy lace trail down the glass. Off the nose we are getting strong wafts of booze and ripe tropical fruits. Undertones of pine, cedar wood, roasted almonds, caramel, spice and tea leaf pair beautifully together to complete this brilliant aroma. In the mouth it feels dry and spiky with medium-high carbonation. Medium-full body. Initially the tongue is met with resinous, yet punchy hops. A well evident alcohol warmth and hints of grapefruit and pineapple move forward through the mid-palate and finish sharp and astringent with really good length. The booze definitely leaves a bit of sting in the tail and at 6.7% ABV it’s slightly overrepresented. Still, even slightly unbalanced this is a very quaffable IPA. Good work lads keep it up.