Knee Deep Brewing Co. ‘Big Sipper’ Double IPA


16003027_631310460386436_3249004726766209147_n“A golden citrusy, floral, slightly fruity DIPA, with a crisp dry finish. Dry Hopped with Citra, Centennial, and Simcoe”

Served in an IPA glass. Slightly hazy golden amber in appearance. A gushing three finger head is generated but it swiftly recedes and establishes a thin sheet that dispenses a fine lace as it ebbs.
Not quite sure what to make of the aroma just yet. Yeah there’s some lovely citrus, stone fruit and pineapple emanating but the presence of raw onion is strange and a little unpleasant. Thank goodness it subsides as it allows all of those lovely piney, fruity and spicy aromas to come through. There’s also a dense and sweet caramel malt backbone that works to balance and tie it all together. We’ve officially come around, that’s a decent aroma.
In the mouth it’s moderately bodied but aggressively hopped. Booze is slightly astringent. Sharp and a little prickly in texture with its 65 IBU count.
Typical west coast IPA palate – big impression of ruby grapefruit, floral pine and citrus peel that progresses through a slightly malty sweet mid. Grassy, almost weedy hop accents are picked up as they lead in to the firm bitter finish. Good legs to th is DIPA, a well drawn out citric bitterness really hangs about on the back end.
If we could have one criticism it would be that it has nothing on their better offerings like the Lupulin River or the Hoparillo. But, in the scheme of things it’s still a pretty damn fine DIPA that’s fed our hop addiction…..for now. Good but nothing memorable.