Knee Deep Brewing Co ‘Breaking Bud’ IPA


13619956_537228059794677_6452322468683075556_n“Old school meets new school in this fresh approach to the classic IPA.  At 50 IBU’s and 6.7% ABV, Breaking Bud features the restrained bitterness and alcohol of a classic IPA with newer tropical fruit hop flavors and aromas of Mosaic.  Also in the hop mix are Simcoe and CTZ, creating layers of mango, passion fruit, pine and dank.  A malt bill with a pinch of crystal malt and a hefty dose of flaked wheat keeps the beer crisp while adding flavor complexity.”

Served in an IPA glass. The bright amber pour provides a slight haze with an egg shaped head forming on top. Retention is good as it gradually recedes and establishes a good 1cm layer with a smattering of healthy lace clinging to the glass as it ebbs. The nose is dank and piney with wafts of tropical passion fruit, mango and grapefruit in support. Definitely some herbal characters with hints of forest floor, spicy/peppery hops and light florals flowing through as well. Although the hops take center stage there is a somewhat buttery biscuit malt that works in beautifully, really taking an edge off the hops and giving the aroma a well rounded balance. The beer is nice and full in the mouth. We get a slightly gelatinous texture as the 50 IBU offers a mildly assertive bitterness on the rear. Good body, it holds up on the tongue nicely with a mild grip before the swallow. Nice follow on from the aroma we must say. The front palate detects crisp pine, grapefruit and a suggestion of pineapple. The initial bitterness tapers off and opens up on to citrus and peppery notes through the mid. This is followed by a clean, bitter finish with lingering hop resins, a touch of earth and fresh herbs on the back end. Good length too. Although it’s no where near as in-your-face as the Hoparillo or the Simtra it’s not only more approachable but it shows these purveyors of fine IPA’s can also brew a magnificent lower ABV IPA just as well. Delicious.