La Sirene ‘Wild Tripelle’ Tripel


12112514_501708230013327_9030278463199115605_n“La Sirene Wild Tripelle is a 100% spontaneously fermented Belgian Tripel produces with the indigenous resident microbes within our brewery’s walls. A concoction of complex citrus aromatics & flavours, floral hints & funky wild yeast driven characters. Wilde Tripelle is a testament to the magic of Mother Nature & untamed brewing.”

Served in a beer tulip. Hazy golden orange pour with a healthy two and a bit finger head that retreats to a halo with scarce lacing. Certainly getting a lot of traditional Belgian yeasty aromas with a clove-like spiciness, banana runts and bubblegum gushing out. A suggestion of vanilla comes through with a delicate citrus sweetness to balance. All the Tripel characters are here but the ‘wild’ component is completely M.I.A on the nose – no funkier than your average Tripel which to be honest suits us just fine but your seasoned Sour drinker probably wouldn’t be all that thrilled. The texture of the beer is mineraly with a medium-high Co2 level. Body is quite full but not heavy on the palate, it’s got more of a dense and frothy fullness to it. The 8% ABV is kept well in check while a slight sourness has the saliva glands working. The flavour profile begins quite sharply. A vigorous fusion of alcohol warmth, citric acidity and carbonation ease into softer notes of clove, apples and white grapes across the mid. The sourness maybe missing on the nose but it’s surely made up for in flavour as it leads in to a clean and dry finish with reasonable length. Not as interesting as we’d hoped for but it still has plenty to offer. A little more funkiness would have helped the beer live up to its name but the Tripel characters were spot on. Definitely not in the league as their praline ale but a decent quaffer all the same. Good, but not great.