Liberty brewing co. ‘Yakima monster’ American pale ale


imageIt’s a clever little play on words the brewers have displayed here, most drinkers would be struggling to see the distinction between Godzilla and an APA (we know we were) but the label is actually a shout out to the Washington region called “Yakima” where some of the brewers favourite hops are grown.

OK, this American style pale ale we served in a shaker glass. Quite an aggressive pour as we want a big frothy head and that’s what we got on top of a hazy copper orange body. The head retains well, steadily reducing to a firm covering that laces quite nicely. Oh yea, big tropical fruit dominated aroma meets the olfactories instantly….like a good west coast IPA, plenty of big citric notes of grapefruit, orange peel, passion fruit & lychee sit comfortably with a light floral whiff of pine. Pretty well balanced too, the pale and caramel malts offer a backbone of caramelised sweetness and rice crackers. Decent! In the mouth it’s quite smooth with moderate body. Carbonation is about medium with an assertive IBU (45) that provides a mild dryness and slightly lifts the 6% ABV. Punchy grapefruit and citrus rind dominates the palate from from front to end while a hint of caramel sweetness and crackers tones the hops down a touch through the mid. The firm bitterness returns for the finish with a long grassy back end. Quite unbalanced in flavour but if you’re a hop head like us you’ll love it. Hop-haters beware….this monster would be a tad too much for you. Solid attempt at an APA from these Kiwi masters. Big ups.