Mash collective ‘heart breaker’ Red Ale


image“Unleashed from the tanks, Heartbreaker is an alluring amber ale that’ll seduce you like a lover and leave you wanting more…This latest limited release by The Mash Collective draws on the three creatives’ shared affection for rock music, the land and Australia”.

This is a great idea for the craft beer movement. A collaboration between brewer, musician and native chef. Brewed by Stone & Wood, from Byron Bay NSW, this beer is a red ale. We can smell the peach and lemon aromas here. A real earthiness.  The more we read the label we see that Australian quandong and pepperberry are used in the brew…fabulous stuff. This brew pours a ruby red/ mahogany colour and there is a tight 2-3 mm head. We taste the gentle toffee malt from a typical ale, but we get a light heat from the pepperberry. It must be the mildness of native pepper, cause we know what pepper is like on the palate from brews like Dieu du Ciel’s route de epices  and brew cult’s pepper steak porter. In your face. We have to give credit though to the smoothness of this drop. It’s clean, and at a 5.5% ABV it’s a really nice ale that could be consumed in a round of a few dudes at a good pub. This epitomises the beauty of craft brewing. Good job.