Matilda bay ‘ruby Tuesday’ amber ale


image“We love the darker tints of Autumn and Winter beers – the robust styles and deeper flavours are exactly what the seasons call for. Toffee apple and creamy malt flavours linger on the front palate. The relative sweetness is perfectly balanced by a traditional ale yeast and hop combination”.

We also tried this one on tap at Miranda hotel. Again, like the I.G.P, it was served in a standard pub schooner glass. Pours a gorgeous, translucent amber with a short beige head that lasted well. Lacing leaves a bit to be desired but it was passable. The aroma offers up a mix of Czech style Saaz hops (even though Hallertau hops were the ones used) malt, toast, toffee, oats and a subtle hint of raisins. Very silky smooth mouth feel. Mild-medium carbonation with medium body. There is plenty of sweet malts and toffee coming through to satisfy any sweet tooth upfront. The mid drops off slightly while a hint of dark fruits and subtle hops compliment this well bodied amber ale to finish. Weighing in at a standard 4.7% ABV we can personally tell you this went down well with a steak sandwich. And it proves to be a sessional beer as we’re keen for a couple more. Not bad.