Modus Operandi ‘Future Factory’ IIPA


imageThe future can look dark and unnerving, but this hop laden hazy DIPA will prepare you for a journey so profound and juicy you won’t fear the future, because your already here.

Poured into a pint glass we see a hazy burnt orange with a 10mm off white head that fades quickly in this crappy glass. Can see some carbonation rising up through the glass. Lovely pine driven and juicy sweet tropical hop aroma out of the glass, with some spice. First sip on a fresh palate is dominating bitterness from the hops, full of pine, sweet grapefruit, caramels, and more ripe tropical fruits like mango and a bit of peach and pineapple. Body is full here and mouthfeel is good with a nice weight that hides the 8.5% Alc vol. Carbonation in the mouth is low. The more we consume, we not only get a nice zing on the forehead but we get more resinous hops, ripe tropical fruits, interwoven with caramel and spice that hides the booze heat very nicely. It’s definitely sweet..almost cloying. Full of ripe fruit and pine. Almost syrupy. As we near the end of the glass we see very patchy lacing down the glass. Hmmm we are thinking to ourselves we could think of several good Australian DIPAs, such as the Korben D, riverside 777, 4 pines DIPA etc and thinking this would be last place. It’s a very tasty brew but based on the sweetness we can’t give full marks.