Molly Rose ‘Peach!’ BA Peach Sour


“Two barrels of beer were sitting quietly alone together for many, many months. Until one day their silence was excited by buckets of peaches! Over time the quiet old beer and buckets of peaches joined forces and they formed a single entity…Peach! was born.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Slightly hazy straw golden complexion with a rapidly vanishing head. Absolutely zilch in the way of retention and lacing.

Aroma: Smells fantastic. The alluring scent of fresh peach fills the nose with sweet yet slightly savoury and acidic notes. It also gives off suggestions of watered down pine-lime cordial, light florals and peach skins. Well integrated wafts of sherbet, green grapes, almond, freshly sliced pear and rock candy as well. The description mentions barrels were used to age the beer in but we aren’t really detecting much there. Alas, it’s still an excellent aroma.

Flavour: We won’t lie we were hoping for a bit more punch from the sourness. Especially as the quality of the aroma was up there. Still getting a lovely exhibition of peach with its delicious sweetness and mild acidity. Like the aroma we’re getting watered down pine-lime cordial, florals, peach skins and green grapes which lay down for a sweet, slightly tart and tangy finish which lingers.

Mouthfeel: Light on, crisp and zesty. Really nice and refreshing effervescence to it. 5.4% ABV is neither here nor there. Pucker rating an approachable 2/5.

Overall: Solid little sour this one. We haven’t really been blown away with anything from MR just yet but they definitely show promise. Would have loved to see a bit more sharpness from the lacto here but essentially it’s a decent entry level fruited sour.