Monteith’s doppelbock winter ale


image“A smooth, rich beer with a powerful aroma and fiery red hue that comes from the crafting of four premium malts, in true Bavarian style. Now available all year round.”

This doppelbock would have to be Monteith’s best core range beer by far. We’ve been lucky enough to try this on tap in both NZ and here in Sydney and from what we remember it is rich, malty and chocolatey. Ok enough talking about it, lets indulge. Served in to a shaker glass. This beers cola-like pour constructs a modest fingers worth of cappuccino foam which steadily reduces to a collar. A couple of small patches of lace are clinging to the glass, but that’s about it. Certainly smelling just as good out of the bottle as it does on tap, those big doughy aromas catch our olfactory’s initially, almost reminds us of play doh. Definitely malt driven on the nose, a firm presence of chocolate, cocoa and rum & raisin are blended nicely into a slight suggestion of ripe cherries and currants. Very pleasant aroma. In the mouth it’s nice and thick with this full bodied viscosity. Quite a creamy texture with mild Co2 levels. Almost sludgy. The flavour pretty much follows on from the nose with rich, dark malts and chocolate with a soft roasted component. The mid develops a sort of stickiness to it with hints of toffee and raisin that deliver a soft roasted finish that provides a subtle alcohol warmth (6% ABV) on the rear palate. Yep, just as we remember it. Really good consistency throughout, you just know this is the perfect accompaniment to a big roaring fire or a big grilled steak. Very enjoyable beer on this cold winters night. Spot on.