Moo brew ‘Belgo’ Belgian Ale


image“A light Belgian Pale Ale blended with an American Pale Ale hopping regime. The result is a seamless blend of yeast and hop aroma and flavour. For Moo Brew, the Belgo (pronounced ‘bell-jo’) represents a departure from the classic beer styles. We think craft beer drinkers want flavour and personality in their beers, but not always high alcohol or bitterness. Let the dry, tart finish of the Belgo cut through oily meats such as roast lamb, and rich, mouth-coating cheeses”.

From our Tassy friends comes this Belgian inspired ale. Known for their chimney-shaped bottles, they remind us of the Italian Re-Ale. Served in a beer tulip the hazy amber pour whipped up a huge, rocky three finger head that slowly dissipates to a thin, bubbly film over the top. Good lacing. The aroma is pretty clean, offering a subtle sourness. Overtones of lemon, grapefruit, white grapes, coriander and clove are featured with subtle hints of pear and biscuit malts taking the back seat. Highly carbonated with an oily mouth feel. Medium body. Very champagne-like, once the bubbles settle in the mouth a refreshing herbal flavour comes through. Some yeasty notes carry flavours of banana, pear and spice through the mid-palate and deliver a mildly dry finish with lingering hints of citrus on the back end. Low ABV (4.5%). Not bad, just too highly carbonated. We’ve never been big on champagne-style beers and this one reminds us of one.