Moo brew dark ale


image“This Dark Ale is inspired by the American Brown Ale style. It presents dark with a deep cherry-red tint. The palate has caramel and chocolate, and a lightly roasted finish. Hop bitterness and aromatic character are balanced and pleasantly textured. Serve with chocolate, caramel and coffee-based desserts, with Mexican Molé, grilled white meats or aged cheddar”.

We were lucky enough to try this on tap a few times on our recent trip to Tasmania. Unfortunately we didn’t get to the brewery but it’s certainly on the cards. Served in a beer tulip this beauty pours a characteristic porter-style darkness with an edge of tawny copper red. The tightly packed 2 finger beige head retains well as it omits plenty of sudsy lacing down the glass. The aroma is gorgeous, packed full of dark sugary fruits, caramel, roasted malts, dark chocolate, coffee and mocha. Something a little funky in here too, like tart berries/cherries. Fuller bodied with mild-medium carbonation. Round and chalky mouth feel. Initially the flavour is packed full of rich roasted malts, coffee and a muted bittering from the earthy hops. Some hints of chocolate in the mid moves forward and finishes with a mild roasted nuttiness with good duration. 5% ABV is a touch under what we were expecting but never does it subtract from the depth of the body in this beer. Session ability is out but full flavour is in. Top notch dark ale from a top notch Tasmanian brewery. Great beer.